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Collections Guide


1Billy Graham Manuscripts and TranscriptsBilly Graham’s original sermon and speech manuscripts, the notebooks that originally held the manuscripts, a complete set of bound Hour of Decision sermons, a complete set of bound Billy Graham sermon transcripts from Crusade events, and a set of high quality copies of the sermons created by Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College
2Billy Graham VIP CorrespondenceLetters, photographs, notes on phone conversations, programs, and other papers that document Billy Graham’s personal relationships with every U.S. president from Harry Truman to Donald Trump, as well as other world leaders
3Billy Graham Personal CollectionClosed for processing: Personal records, correspondence with Graham family members, and documents on the Graham family history
4Montreat Office IBGEA materials previously stored at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College from Billy Graham’s home office in Montreat, North Carolina, including correspondence, sermons, reports, transcripts, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, and other materials maintained at the Montreat Office, as well as materials gathered from non-BGEA sources concerning the Graham family, an assortment of various documents with a personal connection to Billy Graham including a scrapbook containing memorabilia from evangelistic meetings, a program from his funeral service, form letters, audio recordings, films, and video recordings which relate to Billy Graham’s family history, his work as an evangelist, and his activities and influence as a public figure, an audio recording of the first Hour of Decision radio broadcast in 1950, and several oral history interviews with his college classmates about their memories
5Montreat Office IIDomestic and international meeting files and correspondence maintained at Billy Graham’s home office in Montreat, North Carolina, until 2022, and a card catalog for references used in Billy Graham’s sermons, compiled by personnel in his Montreat Office administration
6BGEA CrusadesSample books (also known as procedure books) compiled during Billy Graham Crusades from 1951 to 2005 containing materials of the executive committees and sample forms and documents used during the Crusades, correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, files, and other administrative records, along with audio recordings, photographs, and video recordings that document the activity of BGEA’s domestic and international Crusade planning division (including information about planning, arrangements, scheduling special events, executive committees, follow-up, the School of Evangelism, etc.), files of Crusade directors of the North America Ministries and International Ministries and Crusade directors, and numerous invitations from cities asking Billy Graham to preach in their communities
7BGEA Team OfficeMaterials relating to the responsibilities of the director of associate Crusades, materials relating to the various duties of the joint offices of the BGEA Atlanta office manager and executive assistant to the vice president in charge of team activities, files of the administrative assistant to the executive assistant and office manager
8International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, 1983Files of the staff who prepared for the first world conference for evangelists sponsored by BGEA and held in Amsterdam in July 1983 and files of the members of the executive committee, correspondence, communication, memos, meeting minutes, reports, conference notebooks and programs, manuals, news releases, mailing lists, registration forms, newsletters, and audio and video recordings of most of the plenary sessions and workshops
9International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists, 1986Copy of the notebook given to participants, audio recordings of the plenary sessions, workshops, seminars and other events of the world conference for evangelists sponsored by BGEA and held in Amsterdam in July 1986
10International Congress on World Evangelism, 1974Sample or procedure books, press releases, programs, reports, speech texts and audio recordings created for the Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1974
11Press ConferencesRecordings and transcripts, mostly of press conferences held by Billy Graham, usually in conjunction with a Crusade or event
12BGEA Board BooksBooks of photographs prepared for the BGEA Board of Trustees depicting important events in the history of the Association, yearly activities, and property owned by the Association
13Records of BGEA – London, EnglandCorrespondence, memos, reports, press releases, telegrams, Crusade materials, film orders, and more from the BGEA office in London documenting BGEA’s evangelistic meetings in the United Kingdom and Europe, the impact of BGEA on British Christianity, the distribution, promotion, and showings of the World Wide Pictures films in the U.K., Europe, Africa, Australia, and elsewhere, production and distribution of the British edition of Decision magazine, and interaction between the British office and BGEA headquarters office in the United States, including between Billy Graham and other senior executives of BGEA
14Papers of Billy Graham: The Authorized Biography by John PollockThe original handwritten and typed drafts of the 1966 biography by John Pollock as well as the draft of the 2005 revision
15Papers of Cliff BarrowsCorrespondence, reports, audio recordings, and other materials relating to Cliff Barrows’ activities as director of Crusade programming, music, and master of ceremonies, and materials relating to his involvement in BGEA’s radio and movie programs
16Papers of Grady WilsonCorrespondence, sermons, scrapbooks, meeting minutes, reports, budgets, and other documents relating to Grady Wilson’s role as a friend and adviser to Billy Graham, as an officer of BGEA and its subsidiaries, and as an evangelist who held meetings around the world
17Papers of T.W. WilsonCorrespondence, memos, reports and other material relating to T.W. Wilson’s work as Billy Graham’s executive assistant illustrating his involvement in the management of BGEA evangelistic campaigns, as well as his functioning as an executive assistant for Billy Graham and the leader of BGEA’s radio stations
18Walter F. Bennett and CompanyFilm, video recordings, advertisements, and artwork produced under the direction of the advertising firm Walter F. Bennett and Company for BGEA, including copies of the early 1950s radio program Hour of Decision as well as Billy Graham’s later television broadcasts
19Leighton Ford Crusade OfficeCorrespondence, minutes, invoices, newspaper clippings, films, audio recordings, photographs, and more relating to crusades held by Leighton Ford and other associate evangelists and crusades that were directed by Norman Pell and Irv Chambers
20Hour of Decision Radio ProgramRecordings of BGEA’s weekly radio program Hour of Decision (which included music, announcements about evangelistic meetings, and a sermon by Billy Graham, an associate, or a guest) and the Spanish Hour of Decision program, Momentos de Decision
21Media OfficePress releases, correspondence, transcripts, and other material from the public relations department of BGEA, including material on the activities of Crusades, special events, and the planning of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization
22World Wide PicturesFilms and files of BGEA’s film production company, World Wide Pictures, relating to the production and distribution of evangelistic movies, television programs, and publicity for Billy Graham’s Crusades
23Decision MagazineAdministrative and reference files of the staff of Decision magazine including correspondence, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, statistical reports on BGEA Crusades, transcripts of sermons, newsletters, and other miscellaneous material
24Schools of Evangelism OfficeAudio and video recordings, transcripts, correspondence, memos, evaluations, registration forms and other documents related to the planning, content, and impact of the Schools of Evangelism to train pastors, seminary students, and interested laypeople in methods of evangelism
25Telephone Counseling MinistryCorrespondence, memos, meeting minutes, statistics, audio recordings, video recordings, and transparency slides documenting the early history and development of BGEA’s telephone counseling ministry, which recruited and trained volunteer counselors to answer phone calls from inquirers at several centers around the country after broadcasts of BGEA’s evangelistic programs on television
26Blue Ridge Broadcasting CorporationCorrespondence, memos, reports, pamphlets, newsletters, photographs, and recordings detailing the day-to-day operation of the North Carolina-based radio station founded by Billy and Ruth Graham and its participation in the work of BGEA
27Papers of Willis HaymakerCorrespondence, reports, memos, minutes, address lists, photographs, scrapbooks, and other material relating to Willis Haymaker’s work as an organizer of evangelistic meetings in the United States and other countries from 1950 to 1970
28Papers of Harry WilliamsCorrespondence, memos, newsletters, financial records, forms, meeting minutes, photographs, and posters relating to Harry Williams’ activities as director of various crusades for BGEA
29Billy Graham Appreciation DayA guestbook, a notebook describing the appreciation scroll, and notebooks of invitations sent to prominent politicians, educators, clergy, athletes, generals, and friends with their replies relating to the events held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 10, 1968, to honor its native son, Dr. Billy Graham
30Papers of Robert FermCorrespondence, manuscripts of Robert Ferm’s books on conversion and testimonies by or about people who committed their lives to Jesus Christ during a BGEA meeting, questionnaires, photographs, meeting minutes, schedules, statistics, letters written by people reacting to the work of Billy Graham and BGEA, and other documents relating to Robert Ferm’s positions within BGEA (research assistant to Billy Graham, coordinator of Crusades, co-editor of Decision magazine, and dean of the Schools of Evangelism)
31Southern California Crusade Seminary ProgramTwo audio recordings of addresses given at the 1963 Southern California Crusade Seminary Program, and two booklets containing correspondence, schedules, budgets, and staff and student evaluations relating to the seminary programs held in conjunction with the 1963 Los Angeles Crusade (one of a series of trial programs which eventually resulted in the start of the School of Evangelism component of major Crusades)
32Sydney School of EvangelismAudio tapes made of the lectures given in April 1968 at the Sydney School of Evangelism in conjunction with the 1968 Sydney Crusade
33Southern California Crusade BreakfastRecording of a breakfast meeting held in Los Angeles at the Biltmore Bowl for prominent church leaders and laymen participating in the 1963 Southern California Crusade, including Billy Graham’s talk on the need for revival in America, how a Crusade is planned and executed, and comments by Walter Smyth
34Records of BGEA – Tokyo, JapanCorrespondence, posters, and reports of the Tokyo branch of BGEA which was started in 1967 relating mostly to the office’s involvement in the publication of Ketsudan No Toki (the Japanese edition of Decision magazine), the production and distribution of the film Shiakari Toki, arranging for BGEA television programs to be broadcast, and correspondence from the 1967 Tokyo International Crusade
35Oral History ProjectOral history tapes and transcripts of over 1,500 persons involved with Billy Graham, BGEA, a BGEA evangelistic meeting, or an international or regional congress on evangelism
36Records of BGEA – Sydney, AustraliaCorrespondence, promotional materials, sample books, posters, telegrams, clippings, minutes of meetings, financial reports, films, photographs, slides, video cassettes, audio tapes, phonograph recordings relating to the operations of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Ltd. and its predecessor, Hour of Decision, Ltd., spanning the entire duration of the office’s operation between 1959 and 1986
37Records of BGEA – Hong Kong, ChinaCorrespondence, promotional materials, editorial guidelines, tracts, guest books, incorporation articles, stationery, official seals, audio tapes, a scrapbook, and other materials relating to the operations of the office, the principal task of which was the publication of a Chinese edition of Decision magazine
38Papers of Charles WardCorrespondence, newspaper clippings, television programming schedules, budgets, invoices, scripts, photographs, and other materials relating to the work of the BGEA director of overseas TV ministry, Charles Ward, including other aspects of his career unrelated to the television ministry, dating from 1966 to 1976
39Newspaper and Magazine ClippingsOver three hundred fifty scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, and news releases about the work of Billy Graham and BGEA mostly from United States periodicals
40Papers of Lois FermCorrespondence, reports, and other documents relating to Lois Ferm’s work as a personal assistant to Billy Graham and particularly relating to the Billy Graham Center, Graham’s personal library, and the BGEA Oral History Project
41Papers of Donald IrvinCorrespondence, clippings, and other papers relating to Donald Irvin’s work as a member of BGEA’s 1952 and 1960 evangelistic campaigns in Washington, D.C.
42Papers of Ralph LangleyCorrespondence and forms, relating to Ralph Langley’s participation in BGEA’s 1963 Southern California Crusade and the 1968 Hemisfair Crusade in San Antonio, Texas
43Papers of Paul YoderNewsletters, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, forms and other materials documenting the Billy Graham Hawaii Crusade in 1965 from Paul Yoder, the secretary of the executive committee
44Papers of John W. WilliamsMinutes, correspondence, forms, and other materials related to John W. Williams’ participation in the 1967 Heart of America Crusade, his contacts with President Richard Nixon, and his hosting of the 1970 Congress of Evangelism in Kansas City, Missouri
45Papers of Donald Wilson-HaffendenCorrespondence, clippings, and memorabilia relating to Donald Wilson-Haffenden’s participation as chairman of the executive committee in 1954, 1966, and 1967 for BGEA Crusades in Great Britain
46Papers of Robert BirchCorrespondence and minutes relating to Robert Birch’s participation as secretary of the executive committee for BGEA’s 1965 Lower Mainland Crusade in Vancouver, British Columbia
47Papers of James DracupLetter from James Dracup to Billy Graham about the time when they were both on the staff of Youth for Christ
48Papers of Jack DainCorrespondence, press releases, forms and other materials relating to Jack Dain’s involvement in the planning for Billy Graham’s 1956 evangelistic tour of India
49Papers of Hugh GoughCorrespondence, articles, and forms relating to Hugh Gough’s involvement as Bishop of Barking in the 1954 Billy Graham Greater London Crusade, the 1953 Syracuse Crusade, and the 1959 Australia Crusade
50Papers of Thomas A. MaxwellCorrespondence, an audit report, newsletters, and receipts relating to Thomas A. Maxwell’s activities as treasurer of the 1964 Billy Graham Greater Omaha-Council Bluffs Crusade
51Papers of James BeamCorrespondence, press releases, forms, minutes, and other materials relating to James Beam’s involvement in Billy Graham’s 1969 evangelistic campaign in southern California
52Papers of J.R. WhitePhotocopies of correspondence, press releases, forms, minutes, audit statements, and other materials related to J.R. White’s involvement in Billy Graham’s 1965 evangelistic campaign in Montgomery, Alabama
53Records of the Portland Gospel Crusade CommitteeMinutes and literature of the executive committee of the crusade that, under the direction of Frank Phillips, sponsored a BGEA campaign in Portland, Oregon, in 1950
54Papers of Roger HullCorrespondence, minutes, newspaper clippings, and other materials that document Roger Hull’s participation in BGEA’s 1957, 1969, and 1970 New York evangelistic campaigns and his work on the board of directors of BGEA
55Papers of Earl C. HankamerCorrespondence, minutes, newspaper clippings, contracts, audit reports, and other materials that document Earl C. Hankamer’s participation in BGEA’s 1952 and 1965 Houston evangelistic campaigns, his involvement in BGEA’s film and television ministry (including the filming of Oiltown, U.S.A.), his friendship with Billy Graham, and his financial support of BGEA
56Papers of Cyril BlackNewspaper clippings, handbills, newsletters, reports, and other materials that document Cyril Black’s participation in BGEA’s 1955 Scotland (including his help organizing the broadcast of the Scotland meetings to locations around England via cable) and 1966 evangelistic campaigns in London
57Papers of Ronald C. BrownCorrespondence, minutes, and forms documenting the planning of BGEA’s 1965 Vancouver Lower Mainland Crusade from Ronald C. Brown, chairman of the Crusade
58Articles of IncorporationCopies of BGEA’s articles of incorporation dated between 1951 and 1968 for the branches in Minneapolis, Winnipeg, London, Sydney, and Frankfurt, and the incorporation articles of its affiliations: Grason Company, the Blue Ridge Broadcasting Corporation, the Christian Broadcasting Corporation, and Today Publications, Inc. (initially produced Christianity Today)
59Billy Graham’s Florida Bible Institute Lecture NotesLecture notebook belonging to Billy Graham containing copies of notes from theology lectures while Graham was a student at Florida Bible Institute
60Records of the New York Billy Graham Crusade Committees, 1969 and 19701970 financial statement and notebook containing corporate records, including the committee’s meeting minutes, memos, certificate of incorporation, bylaws, and membership roll for the executive body of the 1969 and 1970 New York Crusades
61BGEA 20th Anniversary Banquet Program, 1967Program for the celebration of BGEA’s 20th anniversary banquet in 1967 with narrative and pictures illustrating the Association’s history
62Graham University ProposalUniversity proposals and preliminary public relations material for the school, and a similar proposal for the Conwell School of Theology
63Billy Graham World’s Fair Pavilion, New YorkPublicity packet given to the press on the occasion of the groundbreaking and dedication of the Billy Graham Pavilion containing information on Billy Graham’s life and ministry, press reports, photographs, biographies of the architect, Edward Durell Stone, and contractors for the pavilion
64Records of the Hawaii Crusade Executive Committee, 1965Minutes, correspondence, legal forms, and budgets documenting incorporation and dissolution of the Billy Graham Hawaii Crusade, Inc., the incorporated and policy-making committee responsible for all aspects of the 1965 Hawaii Crusade
65Records of the Columbia Crusade Executive Committee, 1950Minute book from Billy Graham’s 1950 Crusade in Columbia, South Carolina, documenting finances, building a tabernacle, publicity, and lists of committee members and participating pastors